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Full Version: Handwashing / Sanitation?
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I've seen a few of the competitions that I've researched require a handwashing station at each of the team booths. I'm curious how the teams accomplish this short of buying a portable sink. Are they usually satisfied with some form of running water for washing + a bucket for sanitizing?
I use a 5 gallon water jug with a spigot on a stand and a 5 gallon plastic bucket to catch the water. I either have liquid soap in a pump dispenser or a bar of soap in one of Ma Dutch's old knee high nylon sock. Depending on the Health Inspector, you might get by with hand sanitizer.
Thanks Dutch - I thought this is pretty much how most of the guys did it but wanted to ask just to be safe.
Here's a good guide

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.slvhealth.org/programs/foodProtection/pdf/tempFoodPamphlet.pdf">http://www.slvhealth.org/programs/foodP ... mphlet.pdf</a><!-- m -->
Handwashing??? That's why I wear bibs :shock:
Thanks for the link Larry. Maybe it ought to be a sticky post for quick reference, but then again, not all the counties are going to be exactly the same.
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