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Full Version: Bite Me
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Hey All,

I am having troubles with getting bite through skin on chicken thighs. I have tried a couple methods without success. The skin comes off with the first or second bite and is somewhat chewy. Any suggestions?

Marinade or brine your chicken first then cook at 275 or above!
I just did my first attempt at thighs tonight on the UDS. I brined it with a mixture of salt, sweets and earthy spices for around 3 hours. I put it on about 2:30 this afternoon but kept the UDS at around 250 most of the time. I had the same chewy results as Rich.

In talking with the guys at RnR and sampling some as well, this is a fairly common problem. I too would be curious to see how others have fought and won this apparent common battle.
Thanks Chris for the help!!!! I will give it a try on the next go 'round. When you do this method, is the skin crunchy?
Not crunchy at all, but it has become bite through and it's as if it isn't there. (But it is)!

Some folks cook it at a lower temperature and "finish the skin on a hot grill", or they've learned a different technique I've not heard of yet.
It is my experience that if you want crisp, bite thru skin, you will need to finish with lots of heat...
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