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Full Version: Pork tenderloin with roasted corn
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Decided on something a little different tonight. I was in Idaho over the weekend and they had fresh huckleberries. So I did a grilled pork tenderloin with a chipoltle huckleberry sauce and some roasted corn. Turned out pretty good I think.

[Image: D.jpg]

[Image: E.jpg]

[Image: B.jpg]

Yo Doug, I guess that you did do it. Looks good man. Is that chili powder or paprika with the cheese? I like to pull back the husk and tie the sprinkle a little salt and pepper with melted butter on them roast till done spread mayo on each piece, Mozzarella cheese all over the corn and sprinkle smokey paprika or chili powder on top of all of that. Looking at the pic makes me want to fix some. Good job!
Nice job Doug, can I get an order to go please???
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