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Full Version: Looking for a new team.
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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in forming a new team/ I live up near Brigham City, so up north would be good. I am from Kansas City and have been doing BBQ for a few decades now (ok that just makes me sound really old).

Let me know what your thoughts are on the subject are.

Hi Lorin. I live in Brigham City. I have a great BBQ team. If you would like, you are always welcome to hang with us. Where are you located?
Hi Mike, I live in Corinne.

Hey Mike, Let me know when your going to be doing some smoking. Thanks

Lorin, Mike will be heading up to Idaho to cook in the Villiage of the Trees Competition
Mike how's your daughter doing?
Lorin, I sent you a private mail.

Dave, She is doing very well.
She felt good enough to go to work today.
I hope it goes well for her.
Guess what...... She will not be able to come up with me to the Village of Trees. I guess I don't stand a chance now! Gee thanks. LOL

I do have a secret weapon though, Lorin is coming up with us! I hope he brings the winning recipes.
Well, its not a secret anymore....lol 8)
I have done a lot of cooking but never as part of a team if you are still looking for more teammates I live in the Ogden area.
Sure. Always room for more.
Send me a PM and we will talk.
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