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Full Version: Pulled Pork Question
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My oldest daughter is getting married tomorrow, I am cooking 50 pounds or so of pork butts for her wedding breakfast ---- luncheon, dinner or whatever the heck it is and we are planning to "pork out" late in the afternoon. I really don't want to stay up all night and would prefer to cook today then heat them up tomorrow. We have to leave for Bountiful at 11:00 A.M. for the wedding; my question is that if I stopped by the church and put them whole and foiled in the oven on warm on the way out do you think they would be ready and heated up by 4:00 P.M.? What are your recommendations, thoughts or suggestions, is there something else I should do instead?


Lyle, I've had to do that a time or two also. I'd put them in a foil pan, add a couple of cups of apple juice, cover them with foil, set the temp to the lowest setting, mine is 175*, slip them in to the oven and cross your fingers someone don't swipe them. Where's the reception again? :wink:
Remember, you are gaining a son, not losing a daughter. So the saying goes.
Our congrats to the newly weds.
I have used Gene’s idea before and it has worked well. For my son’s baptism, instead of putting in the oven I used a roaster oven and we just served out of it. So it was on the table warming right from where we would serve it. A crock pot(s) also works well for warming. Regardless of the method to warm make sure you do add apple juice to keep it moist, you don’t want dry pork. So you have a few options and I bet which ever one you use it will taste great.

If you would like to borrow my roaster oven you are welcome to it.

Good Luck!!
Just re-read your post and you were looking to put the butts in the oven whole. The methods I described above the pork was already pulled. I pulled it hot out of the smoker and put in the fridge. I like doing it that way so the pulling of the meat is taken care of a head of time as well and you don't have that stress to deal with as people are waiting to eat. Regardless what you do, good luck!
I agree with pulling it before hitting the fridge with it, much easier day tomorrow. I then use some half sheet pans, hit it with some sauce and a bit more rub and then cover with foil before holding in the oven at 175-200. Makes it very tender and tasty, too tender for a comp but your guests will think you are the MAN!

11-4 might be a bit long tho... got anyone that could pop them in the oven at about 1:30 or 2?


I would broil it for 2 hours on high with Catsup! I learned this from Sampson!

Pulling right off the cooker with some sauce and cider vinegar allows the pork to absord the liquids over night. It is amazing how much liquid "disappears" overnight into the meat. Add some more during the reheating and you are set. It may be more sauce than comps allow, but not many complain about more sauce. Especially if its good homemade sauce.
Catsup will ruin good PP, you need to use ketchup every time. Broil time should be limited to 3 hours...
Thanks to all for your help, it went off without a hitch; this is the second around for our daughter and he is a keeper. Right after they met I introduced him to BBQ so he went out and bought an Orion cooker 'cause that's all he could afford and he has done very well with it. Her new husband Trent is the son-in-law that every father-in-law only dreams of. He's as redneck as they come and that's what we love about him!!

Thanks again for everything!!

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