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Full Version: Whole Chickens
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I'll be putting 3 whole chickens and about 15 legs in the Smoker tomorrow morning. They have been Brining since last night and are ready to go.

My plan is to put my rub on them and preheat my smoker to 225 and let get them in at around 8am and then leave them in until we eat at 6pm. I'll have my thermometer in one of them so I can monitor the temp and adjust the cooker if I need to.
I'll be using cherry wood.

Any tips or changes you would make?

I've done turkey before but never chickens. I figure their similar.
14 hours? I just did some leg 1/4s today @ 225 and they were done in 60 minutes, legs I've done b/4 took 30-40 minutes. I hope you check them b/4 you get to long a cook time into them. I'd think you'd have dry chicken jerky after that long. My opinion. The whole cluckers, 2-1/2 - 3 hrs. Check temp in thighs for positive results.
wow. Didn't realize they would cook so quick.
Chicken size does also play in the factors for the timing.

At 250 I find 3 - 4 lb chickens will be done in around 3 hours, if you've got a monster chicken 6 - 7 lbs I like to have up to 4 1/2 hours to cook them.
I think I'll start around 2pm then and hope for the best. That gives me a window of about an hour if something goes wrong.
Let us know how they turned out.
The chicken turned out really good. It was really moist but I was a little disappointed in the smoke flavor. It really lacked. I think it all got absorbed into the skin and not into the meat. I used cherry.

The meat was very moist and my thermometer hit 165 internal temp in the thighs just under 3 1/2 hours after starting. I cooked consistently at 230*.
I put the drumsticks in for 1 hour and they were done perfectly.

Everyone ate a lot and took home leftover chicken so it must have been good.

Thanks guys for the help! I think I would have destroyed the chicken had I not posted this thread.
I think I speak for all of us here, "that's what we do". Glad you had a good shindig. Smile
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