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Full Version: Knock Your Sock Off
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Just when you think you have peaked in your cooking, something unexpected happens. So it was this Sunday with my usual ribs. I decided to smoke up some baby backs and try some Harry and Davids Hawaiian Spice Rub my wife gave my for birthday. I was set to cook at 225 for 4 hours but then the meal time changed so I pulled the ribs at 3 hours and to speed things up I put them on a grill. As is often the case my attention was drawn else where and by the time I got to the meat they were black and in flames. To hide the bitter taste I knew was now there, I brushed on a heavy coat of Harry and Davids Bourbon and Charred Pineapple Grill Sauce. With the first bite, I couldn't believe it. The char actually complimented the sauce and the whole thing worked. Many times I cook ribs I don't even have seconds but these....I ate for breakfast today.


Larry, some of the better brisket I have eaten is from a joint out of Austin, TX, called The Salt Lick... And they start off by searing/charring their briskets over an open fire - and then smoking them over indirect heat, along with using a special "mop" during the cook...

So I am not "surprised" at your ribs!

Often my favorite part of any piece of meat off the smoker is the "burnt" part...
I have reps that work for me all over the country. My rep in Austin has talked to me at length about her favorite BBQ joint called Salt Lick...
In fact, because of her I have ordered some of their rubs from their website, I look forward to eating there when I visit Austin Smile
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