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Full Version: Pork butts... I guess I forgot how to cook them.
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Well I guess it will be edible if my butts get done. I put them on the WSM 18+ hours ago. I did foil them at hour 17 when they were 185-190
I guess my temp must have really dropped off right after I went to bed last night at midnight after putting them on at 11pm. I awoke to 190 in the WSM.
I was up to 235 by 8am and been there all day. HMMM. It is funny to read web recipes that call for 3 to 5 hours for an 8# butt and I dont know how I was able to turn my pork last year at the fire and ice comp?.
Can anyone run down a temp/time to cook pork butt schedule or post some good links.?
The latest update is that after 20 hours I took off one of the butts at 202.. its 7pm the Olympic hopeful just got home from swim team and is hungry as usual. I will pull it in 3o.. the other one is getting another hour or so.

Take my smoking license away
Well despite my sleeping on the job lastnight the family and I loved it.
I guess Chris Lilly's rub and injection recipe saved the day.
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Try this Elkski, may be this will give you some ideas.



I am no master but don't you just need a temp of 190 and cook them at 225?
Thanks guys... Yes I have the virtual bullet bookmarked..
cook at 225 till 190.hehe.. just wait till you have a stubborn cook. I aim for 204 because of the altitude. It sure is juicy and not overdone looking to me. The kids pulled it and there is not so many fat globs.
Two questions How long does this kingsford store?
I have read where some folks post 1 1/2 hr per pound but sometimes 2 1/2 hrs per pound.. Well I had my first 2.5 hrs /# and good thing we don't eat early around here.
I went through a whole 21# bag minus the 1 charge to the weber kettle baskets the night before.
my next question is even if I had a slow start during the night those 9 hours from 11pm till 8am had to count for some cooking and it still took another 11-12 hours from there?? does a slow cook at the start dry out the outside and inhibit the transfer of heat to the middle??
204 is a better temp to attain. 190-195 leaves a few tough spots that don't pull well. Several other posters have attested to that 204 temp. and I concur.
At home 204 might be ok, but at a comp... If it's not done to 250-275 you can just stay in your seat. I've been doing mine to just short of 300 and they are melt in your mouth tender Tongue


Sampson you do mean smoke them at 300 not an internal temp of 300,right?

Nope, internal to 300! So sweet and tender, the judges love it, I swear! Give it a whirl at your next comp, let me know if for some reason you don't win. Also don't forget about the new 250 degree rule on briskets. They must temp at 250 when the hit the turn-in table.
Folks, he must be loosing his teeth and needs to gum his pork butts & brisket. Pork Butt mush, melt in your mouth. :roll: How do you do your ribs and chicken, big S?, run 'em thru the food processor? Whadaya do with the bones when you turn in the ribs? Huh?
Good thing he's such a funny guy. Don't take him to serious, especially here.
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