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Full Version: Pizza on the UDS
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Last night I grilled a Papa Murphy's take-and-bake pizza on one of my UDSs. It was a serious hit, and I highly recommend it.

[Image: GrilledPizza_1_2.jpg]

The details of the cook can be had here.

Pretty good pizzas and guess what? They fit in Traegers too!! Big Grin Thanks for the reminder John.


Yep, Gene, they'll fit in your oven just fine. Big Grin :wink:

Nice job on the pizza. Haven't tried that one yet. I have cooked them on a weber kettle and they come out nice. Have to give it a shot on my BDS.


I "smoke" pizza quite frequently with my Stumps... Love the aroma / flavor the smoker lends the pizza!

Happy 4th to everyone!!

My first experience with a pizza cooked in a smoker was when Mike, Dutchoven, showed me his he and his daughter did at Wild West BBQ on his UDS?, looked great. I still haven't tried it yet, but plan on it.
it sems like it would be nice to have a screen pan for better smoke infusion??
sounds like a good method.
I didn't read what smoke type you guys used??
We just used those cheap $1 pizzas. Just throw them on the grate!
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