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Full Version: Smoker Wanted
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I am looking for a larger smoker that is either trailer mounted or that could be mounted?
Anyone know of one?
Does anyone know if Joe Ferguson ever sold his or if he even still wants to??? Nice smoker...
Never heard. I will have to call him.
Still looking though.


I have a cousin in Mo who is selling his kingfisher smoker for $3,900.00, new is $5,200. He will meet someone half way. Not cheap! but a great smoker.

Also look at the Mule Tuf smoker. I will have mine at the backyard tomorrow, rotissorie, on trailer and can cook 30 butts on it no problem.

I was hoping to find one closer, but thanks a ton. I miised you at the cook yesterday. I was busy cooking and did't get around much.
Mike...gimme a call. I'll PM you the info.
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