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Hey All, This may sound a-bit on the unknowledgable side but do the rules in the backyard competition reflect those in the KCBS pro division? Specifically the turn in portion. Garnishes etc. Thank you in advance for any input.
Yo, for all back yard contestants your entry's will be judged on taste and tenderness alone. You will be issued a container to put your entry in. If like you can garnish it, but it will have absolutely no affect on your scores. The association has it's own separate scoring system in place. You will be able to look in front of your area and see the Pro's set up under the KCBS rules across from you. Hope this helps and good luck!
Thank you "T" that does help out alot. Oh and Hans Olsen told me to say "hey" to you guys. I cooked some pulled pork for a family gathering that he was at and He said if i ran into you to say "hey".
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