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Full Version: Still need Judges for Wild West BBQ Showdown
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I have 14 CBJ's who have sent in their applications, we need about seven or eight more to help us out. I have e-mailed all those who have sent in their apps, if you did not hear from me, please let me know. I will accept the applications via e-mail scan if you would like, please just call me and let me know (801) 718-0063.

Thank You,
Just a question that has nothing to do with the WWBBQ.....By chance, were you at Macey's on 36th and Washington Saturday?.....Just curious......

No I wasn't there on Saturday, I had a self imposed honey-do list I was working on at home all day.

We are now up to 17 judges, I just received two more applications from St. George and one also from Ben in Midvale who just got certified preceeding the Best Dam Barbecue Challenge in Boulder. We need four more CBJ's to round out a full set of 18 including the Table Captains. I have just sent a second confirmation e-mail out to everyone, if you have sent in your app and haven't heard from me please let me know as soon as you can.

Can I judge AND cook??? I'm willing to you know 8)
We still need more CBJ's to round out the group!!!! Please, lets shoot for 100% CBJ's!!!! From here on out, please just e-mail or call me and I will add you to the list. I'd like to try and get the list topped out by this coming Sunday!!!!
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