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Full Version: Wild West Showdown Team List
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We have received the applications from the following competition teams for the Wild West Showdown. I will also have an updated list of the Backyard Division by tomorrow evening.

Professional Division
Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
Guppa D’s BBQ
Casual Smokers
BBQ Heaven
Pitmaster BBQ Company
Tubby's Smokin' Q
Dragon Smoke BBQ
TumbleWeed BBQ
Tex-Mex (Not sure of his Team Name)

Backyard Division
Hawg Gone Good
Q’d Up
Hintze’s Hogs
Skinny Pig BBQ
My app and check went on the mail on the 27 of April. I would have mailed it sooner but the bank gets upset when I write checks that arent covered by the money in my account.
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