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Full Version: A little pan fried Trout!
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Yo Becci, loves my pan fried trout, so I thought that I would prepare her delight for her today for lunch. I started seasoning the fish inside and out with fresh cracked pepper, sea salt, lemon pepper. I also used my secret ingredient bacon grease to add to the monstrous flavor. The grease was about a 1/4 inch in the pan at a medium heat for about 7 to 8 min per side and I used a spatula to turn so that I wouldn't damage the delicate serving. I usaully prepared this for her on Sunday mornings along with a nice serving of cheese grits.

Seasoned and ready to go.
[Image: P1030584600x450.jpg]

[Image: P1030585600x450.jpg]

Let the bacon grease do it's thing
[Image: P1030588600x450.jpg]

Man oh man!
[Image: P1030590600x450.jpg]

The real deal
[Image: P1030589600x450.jpg]

Arlie I told Becci what you said to me on the phone, she laughed and said to tell you "here ya go".
Glad to see that you are not one that leaves the head on. Looks yummy!!!!
So what's wrong with the head left on? :? Makes for easier filleting after they are cooked. The head and skeleton come out in one piece. Not squeemish about an eye looking at you, are ya? :roll:
The cheek meat is the tastiest besides, small but delicious.
So T, how little were these trout? Smile
Looks like the bigger plates at T's, they must have been 12" or there about.
Dang T those look good. Now I have to go fishing and catch some to cook up.
Nice mess of fish T. Becci is lucky. We'll guys, it's time to get the poles out and hit the streams and lakes. Big Grin Wahoo, another use for bacon grease. :shock:

Cook em with the head on. Smile
Yo T., remember if she disappears dont come looking in Tennessee. We could be anywhere USA! Haha
You and Ed both couldnt find me...........
Yo Arlie, LMAO what you don't know is that Becci doesn't go anywhere that she doesn't want to. That is some funny chit man.
Us Southern Gentleman have a way with words to the female type!!!! LOL
T, I will bring some fresh caught trout next time I come out that way..
It is fish slaying time right now.
Hope Becci like real pink meat.
:twisted: Trout makes real good Sturgeon bait!! :twisted:
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