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Full Version: Backyard BBQ Competition?
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I am very interested in being a part of the amateur BBQ comp this summer. Is there an application process? Who has the details for this event? THANKS!!

Which contest you talking about??
During the Utah State Fair, or the Wild Wild West sanctioned event in June?
There is one scheduled with the Wild West Showdown June 5-6 at the Utah State Fair grounds. I don't know all the details of that one yet.
Brinkerhoff (sp?) was saying on Saturday that this info would be out real shortly with apps, details etc...
Yo, we just finished with one contest, and now it's on to another. Please be patient and we will forward the information as we get it. The backyard comp details are still being worked out as everything else is. It is not easy to put on and organize an event. I will tell you this since I proposed the backyard competition. After seeing how well the backyard competition went in Grand Junction and having several of customers tell me over the years that they would love to get into a comp such as[ we will see]? If we could get other BBQ restaurants to support the activities of the association I'm sure that some of their customer base would love to enter such a contest, and no I'm not bashing just generalizing. I spoke with Cully of Sugarhouse BBQ at this weekends event, and he thought that it's a great idea. With all of the activities going on at this event and the space to do so, we decided to go for it. Again any interest, keep that thought and we will have more information and forms soon. It will be judged on a two meat category ribs and chicken, and any cook apparatus can be used. It will also be a one day event Saturday. practice, practice, practice.

Backcountry Utah

Details are coming up.

We are excited about this event, which will be in addition to the Wild West Barbecue Showdown.

It will be scheduled the first weekend of June-- June 5-6 at the Utah State Fairpark.
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