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Full Version: New Contest On The KCBS Website
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Hi Everyone,

We saw the listing for the Wild West Barbecue Showdown to be held on June 5th & 6th in Salt Lake City on the KCBS website last night and wondered if there is more information available yet?

Is this contest taking the place of the Rock & Ribs in August or is it a new event and the Rock & ribs will be happening too?

What's the buzz? Tell me what's a-happening!
Yo Vince, hope this finds you and the family well. We eliminated a few of our small cooks, and combined them into this one. R&R is still on, and by the way I have been informed that at R&R this year, the Marriot Hotel which is located on the east side of the venue will have rooms for contestants for $79.00 a night. The Stage coach event will be held at the state fair grounds along with other events. There will also be a back yard two meat event for amateurs. Plenty of RV space Hotels and Motels are nearby and just down the street from the airport just is case you want to pull a Scottie LOL. This is a new event.
Thanks, T. We're definitely coming up for Grill On The Hill but we may be up a few weeks earlier for this one.

Any word on prize fund? (My Business Manager wants to know all the details.)

See you soon!
Just some updated info, I will have the sanctioning application for the Rock-N-Ribs in the mail by the end of this week. We are just tying up some loose ends before the Pony Express takes it for a ride!! The team and judges application will be posted shortly thereafter.


Has it been decided what the entry fee will be? (My business manager is asking questions, too.)

Looks like this will be my first cookoff to cook. I'm getting pretty excited!! :lol:

Looking forward to seeing everybody there,
Yo Sean, where are you at in Wyoming?


Three4Que;p="15264 Wrote:Yo Sean, where are you at in Wyoming?

I'm in Green River.
cool, good to know. My folks are in Casper
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