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Full Version: More Pork Loin and a great lunch today
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Today I had to cook some more loins, and I went outside the box for the seasoning as usual. Sampson look closely you might see some finely chopped pecans, sorted pieces of citrus and spices and that's all you get man. It all came together for a nice blend of flavors, complemented with a blend of hickory and mesquite.

[Image: P1030104.jpg]

[Image: P1030105.jpg]

[Image: P1030106.jpg]

[Image: P1030108.jpg]

The finished loin

[Image: P1030109.jpg]

Lunch break for me provided by Becci shrimp curry with jasmine rice and sweet sauteed bananas

[Image: P1030111.jpg]

Lunch is over back to the loins the trusty BDS is holding a steady 250

[Image: P1030112.jpg]

While waiting for the cook to end along came the dessert- fresh apple cake with a butter scotch sauce, yummy!

[Image: P1030113.jpg]

[Image: P1030114.jpg]

After the crew got finished the wife had these left for me sorry Sampson!

[Image: P1030117.jpg]

[Image: P1030118.jpg]

[Image: P1030120.jpg]

[Image: P1030121.jpg]

[Image: P1030122.jpg]
Nice job T and Becci. Nice pics T as usual.
Dude, you're killing me! The loins don't look too bad, good place to start. Now just keep practicing and you'll get them right soon enough. Now as for Becci's offerings, let's just say you better keep treating her right buddy. You've got a keeper there. So what are you doing later today? If you're going to be around I'll stop by with the whole family for a late lunch, early dinner. We're headed to Draper to take the tour. I'll have Tim and his fiance with us too... See ya then. Oh, and if you can I need to pick up two bottles of that world famous steak and chop dust. I need them for gifts to some friends that I've been going on to about the stuff, they both say to just shut up and send them some.
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