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Full Version: Spatchcock Chicken
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I just posted my first long-form recipe/process over on my blog. I'm very interested in your critique of the format and content.

Here it is

Thanks in advance,
It looks great, but you left out the button to push for the free samples!
Good looking website John.


GREAT "addition" to your site, John!

Not only do we see some great photos (you have a good "camera eye"), but recipes/instructions to boot!!

Your site just keeps getting better, John... Thanks for all the hard work...



Thanks guys. I really appreciate the kind words and feedback. I'm really enjoying this creative outlet.

I just posted the first post of a "Competition BBQ 101" series mere moments ago.

Nice John, I agree that your site just keeps getting better...
Nice work John... I agree with everyone else.... The site looks great.
Great site and the chicken looks fantastic I'll give it a try soon.
Dumb computer, can't smell or taste a thing. Just have this wet looking streak on the screen. :?
Good job John. the site looks great.
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