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Full Version: Pork butts sale
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Hey all

I picked up some pork butts Saturday at Sam's club in West Jordan for $1.03 per pound per case. The only problem is that you need to buy the case for this price. The cases run about 70lbs. Just wanted to pass the information on.

They are boneless I believe, Is this correct?
The ones I got were actually bone in. There were 2 per package and 5 packages per case.

Same price at the Sams in Nampa, Idaho and they are bone in.
Bone in is the only way I want to go.
I will leave that one alone :shock:

Larry Jacobs;p="13425 Wrote:Bone in is the only way I want to go.

Me too and I don't want Dave digging out his huge box of crayons and drawing any illustrative pictures Big Grin :lol: Actually, that might be worth a chuckle.

PackerBacker;p="13428 Wrote:I will leave that one alone :shock:

Time to stock up!
The Albertson's in the Boise area have bone-in pork butts on sale at $1.49/lb. Sale began 02/05/2009. Picked up three for this weekend's cook.
Swine ...... :wink: . have you been to Sam's or Winco or CashNCarry I have found them much cheaper there. What is Albertson's standard price if thats there sale price??????

I believe $1.99 plus. So, 25% off. Winco can be cheaper, but my experience has been they are heavy with untrimmed fat. Costco is about the same price, but they are boneless. I know some guys here prefer one over the other.
1.07 in the USA is the same as 1.50 in CA. Everything costs more. Just kidding.... sort of.
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