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Got a Elk this week, I want to make some jerky in the smoker. Any tips advise or recipes

Never cooked Elk even though I've eaten it a few times.

From memory it was similar cuts to beef cuts, but had a whole lot less fat either as marbling or as ribbons, searched out a couple of recipes, this one sounded the best of what I found.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.backpacker.com/may_09_recipe_spicy_teriyaki_elk_jerky/skills/13085">http://www.backpacker.com/may_09_recipe ... ills/13085</a><!-- m -->
I have smoked an elk roast for a friend. It turned out nice. I kept a very close eye on it since it is very lean. We did marinate it in a teriyaki marinade.
I have done tons of elk jerky. Just use any recipe that you would use on beef. The taste of elk and beef are very close and the recipes will interchange.
The most requested jerky I made was to grind it up like very lean hamburger and mix in some of the "American Harvest" Beef Jerky mixes.
These mixes can be found in places like Wal-mart, Shopko etc. They are kept by the food dehydrators and canning supplies.
Very quick, easy and tastes good.
If you would like some do it yourself recipes, shoot me an email and I will send you a bunch of them in a Microsoft Word file.
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Hi Mountain Jerky has a great line of jerky seasonings. Out of Riverton WY. They have a list of retailers on their web site <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.himtnjerky.com">www.himtnjerky.com</a><!-- w --> that gives you the store and address where they can be purchased. Used 'em for years. Available all over UT. Try 'em. Their original and teriyaki are the 2 we like.
can't help with the jerky, Just wanted to say congrats on the elk, my son and I just got back today, didn't get anything but had a hell of a time just hanging out together.
Made some Elk and Venison jerky this weekend. Learned the hard way not to slice it so thin.

What about reqular beef? Should I use sirloin, London Broil...? Any suggetions on the right beef toi use for Jerkey? THX!
London Broil works well for sliced whole meat jerky. BUT....... I have turned to 93% lean gr. beef for jerky. For some reason elk, moose, etc. not so available here. Confused Gr. beef is way easier as well. Hi Mountain has this caulking gun looking rig that you just squeeze out strips of the seasoned meat onto a mesh screen and slip into the smoker, 225* for 1 hour. They have a Jalepeno seasoning that's quite good also. Flavor but not too much bite.
Have fun with that.
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