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Full Version: $1.22 p/p Boston Butt
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I did a cook this weekend for 200 and ordered three cases of Boston Butt bone in. When it arrived I found they were larger than I figured and only needed two cases. I put the third in the freezer and won't be needing them soon, so;
FOR SALE - one case (8 nine pounders) Pork butt, bone in, Swift natural (nothing added) cryopacked, arrived fresh. Now froozen. This is primo pork, not that Walmart trash. My price from Pilgrim's Pride was $1.22 per pound. 71.5 pounds comes to $93.16 with tax. Give me $90.00 and they are yours.

Salt Lake Area 599-4433

Do you still have the Pork roasts? My sister in law lives in Sandy and can pick it up as she is heading up here to Layton Saturday. I'll take the WHOLE case.
You bet. Give me a call (801-599-4433)
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