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Full Version: Tri-tip suggestions
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Hey all -- I am going to try and smoke a whole tri-tip this weekend. I have never taken on this cut before. Since this is a non-competition meat, I know that all of you will be very generous with your knowledge! :lol: So:

1. what internal temp do you shoot for?
2. generally, what kind of rub should I shoot for: a brisket-type, prime-rib type, or something else?
3. years ago, I had tri-tip at a corporate party, and they served it with a dark, savory sauce that was really good. Anyone know about this mystery sauce?

Thanks all!
1) 140 rare, 150 medium, 155 medium well, 156 well done. (jk) If you like a little pink but not overly so, 150 - 155 is where it's at.

2) I like a plain and simple Salt, Pepper and a little Garlic.

3) No idea!
I have used my brisket rub for tri-tip and it turns out great. I have also cut slits in the meat and inserted garlic cloves.
found this....CBBQA- Tri-tip
Here's a good Santa Maria style seasoning:

3 tablespoons non-iodized table salt
1 tablespoon granulated garlic
½ teaspoon dried, crushed parsley
¼ teaspoon black pepper, medium grind
¼ teaspoon Accent (MSG)

I first smoke to about 100* internal, then move to a red-hot grill and carmelize the outside, taking to 135* internal. Then rest.

Mince several cloves of garlic in a cube of butter and melt. Brush on a good bun and toast.

Slice tri-tip across the grain as thin as you can. Don't add sauce or anything else to the sammy. Goes great with fresh-cut fries.
The best thing I found for tri-tip is to take off early, around the 130 degree range as suggested in another post. Wrap it and let it rest for a bit. You will see the temp inch up to the rare range. When sliced it will be moist and tender the way a good piece of rare beef should.
Thank you! I picked up a couple choice-grade ones at the butcher and will give it a whirl. I'll post pix on Monday
And also keep a nice tight hold on that rope when your slicing, they tend to want to still run away at 130*, if you wait till the 135 mark they just kick a little Big Grin

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