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I have seen a lot of others making buckboard bacon on some other sites lately so I had to give it a try. Turned out pretty good.

[Image: buckboardbacon.jpg]

[Image: buckboardbacon2.jpg]

[Image: buckboardbacon3.jpg]

Alright Doug, bad enough I had to look at this on the other site, but now you really gotta rub it in and post here too...
Yo Doug, my question is, why didn't you bring me a taste when you came by today? You still have tomorrow to make it good LOL. Good job bro, but still would like to make a nice BLT with some, hint, hint?

keep it low-n-slow " T "

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where are you getting the meat? I would like to try that myself.
no1plumber;p="9000 Wrote:where are you getting the meat? I would like to try that myself.

Most of the time bbb is boned out Boston butt!
I just took a 2 pack of butts and boned them out. I just found the cure today at sportsman warehouse for 4.19 a box( guess I didn't need to pay 6 dollars for shipping after all.) Each box will do about 25lbs.

Thanks for the heads up about sportsman warehouse, I've been look at them online but reluctant to pay the S&H too!
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