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Full Version: Stuffed Chicken Breast and Mushrooms
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Just cooked up some dinner for me and the family and thought I would share it with you.

[Image: StuffedChicken.jpg]
Stuffed chicken breast and mushrooms with steamed baby red potatoes.
Cooked in my smoker of course. The receipe is as follows.

Stuffed chicken Breast and Mushrooms.
6 Boneless, skinless chicken breast
4 cups Shreded Monterey Jack Cheese
10 Fresh Mushrooms
3 Tb Cajun Spices
Bread crumbs

Remove stems from mushrooms and set mushroom caps aside. Finely chop mushrooms stems and one or two mushrooms. In large bowl mix chopped mushrooms, cheese and Cajun spices. Cut a pocket in chicken breast and stuff with cheese mixture. Dip chicken in milk and cover with bread crumbs. Place on foil covered baking tray adn bake at 375 for 45 min.

Cover the remaining mushroom caps with butter and stuff with the remaining cheese mixture. Bake on coookie sheet for 20 min.

I came up with this receipe a few years ago. My family loves it. When I find something that everyone will eat including kids. I figure its a keeper. You can cook this in the oven but I prefer the smoke flavor I get from my Treager.
This might be a little late but, anything left? I can be down the hill in just a few minutes... Looks great Vic.
Vic, These look yummy and thanks for posting the recipe with the pics!
Sampson I was just thinking may be I should have called them Chicken Fatties.
"A fattie by any other name is still delicious"

I just tried these last night. Wow...were they good!! The recipe now has a permanent place in the recipe book. Thanks for sharing this.

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