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Full Version: White tail Deer Smoking?????
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Well I tried to thaw out some wild hog and venison to cook on mothers day but I should have put it in the fridge on thurs instead of fri.
The whole deer hind was the slowest to thaw. IT was still frozen as I cut it off the bone today to make steaks and a rump roast and some scrap meat.
I could have rushed the backstrap/loins and a quartered small hog. I left the bone in these turkey quarter sized chunks.
I put some rub on the hog and deer strap/loins to smoke on the WSM for dinner tonight. I can't wait.
My question deals with the hind quarter I took out this morning for thursday.
Does anyone know the best way to cook this whole thing bone in? or should I remove the bone? Will it be to dry?
I could also just butcher it up like the one today. We enjoy the deer steaks and a rump roast in the crock pot. I save the scraps to mix with pork scraps. buts that another thread.
Back in my Texas days the guys and I used to just put a whole hind quarter on the brinkman using whole mesquite. I am affraid we didn't mind dry meat after a few days out hunting like the family would now.
How come I cant paste with the right click?????

I found a link on barbequen.com but You cant expect a guy to gype it all out... it was for basically baking a venison hind quarter in a gas grill.
Just highlight the passage and hit "CTRL C" to copy it then come back here and "CTRL V" to paste.
Just slice it in 1/4" thick strips and make jerky. I haven't seen your posts lately. You been hiding out or what?
Ya coming up to Hyrum to the BBQ contest this weekend?
Well I messed up.. Usually these back straps make fine butterfly steaks. merinade them 8 hours in some seasoning and italian dressing and a quick med rare cook on the grill.
But I put these fine backstraps on the smoker and ran some errands and in 1 1/2 holur I had them up to 165 about 25 degrees to much and they have dried out.
I put them in foil and will try to juice them up somehow.
I better go check the four hog quarters.
I still have the t-loins. I was going to smoke them for about 30 minutes and then skewer them with some bacon and broil the bacon on them and serve up.
Yes I have been busy. A little house remodel and getting the cellar full.
THings turned out ok.
You have to expect tough for wild game. the t-loins were smoked to 88 degrees for about 20 mins and then chilled to cook on the grill at med/high.
I got distracted in the garden with friends and cooked the first side a little bit much.
I leaned on them hard to please the folks and went past med rare like it should be. we ate the small pig quarters like barbarians.
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