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Full Version: Don't we have enough certified judges to be 100% at the comp
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I helped judge the FWI comp for my 3rd comp this summer. I understand this comp was a qualifier? At my table there were 2 non certified judges? Nice guys but I saw a 7 score for appearance while I gave a 9 on a perfectly fine looking turnin. That means at my table 33% of the judges were non certified . I know its not rocket science and I am not sure I am a very good judge but I give it my all and have cooked at one comp so I know how much hard work that these teams put in to cook this just does not seem very fair to them. What it means is just because of the luck of the system one team gets a table with 33% backyard guys and another might get 100% certified judges.

I think we need to have a special cooking session where the focus is on learning what everyone thinks about each turn in?
This info would go straight back to the cooks and help them understand what the judges thought. The judges could also exchange ideas on how they each feel about things. The goal of this comp/cook would be to help the Areas teams become better National competitors.
It would help if we had a real experienced judge at each table.
This would allow the judges to comment on each meat and then at the end find out how their comments compared to the results.
As it stands now a judge has no idea if he even tasted the top 5 meats or not.
I just seems like this game is like trying to shoot down an invisible airplane with a BB gun.
I backed away from judging at this event because I thought with all the CBJs that were turned out this year as well as years past there would be more than enough. I wanted to give some of them a chance to judge a real contest. Guess I was wrong.
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