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Full Version: Weekend Cookin'
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Well, since it takes about as much wood to cook 2 briskets as it does one, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

I'll be firing up the cooker about 4:30am, and putting on 2 briskets and 2 butts, then a little later a hunk of whole pork loin, a few slabs of loin backs and a hunk of beef that I was told was a rump roast, but sure looks like a tenderloin to me!

My folks are coming down from Roy so I can fine-tune their PC and add a Gig of RAM, so it appears to be a good day comin' regardless of the weather. I have the cooker under a carport! That, and I finally get to show the cooker off for my folks. Smile

What's everyone else doing?
No cooking for me this weekend. Richard and I just finished cooking for about 200 folks this week. Think I will just sleep in maybe. But then again the smell of smoke is addicting so I may just have to do something. :roll:
I took yesterday off work to cook for my sons girlfriend's work party at Murray Park. They loved it, Baby backs, hamburgers, and hot dogs.Course, she took the credit.But I got a big cheer too. Weather held out for us.... hope it's good for yours too Joe.
We are just going to do a couple of pork butts this weekend in a WSM. We've been craving Carolina Style samiches lately. Hey Joe, is that your new rig your talking about, if so please post some pics so the rest of us can take a gander.

Z and April

"Put your barbeque where your mouth is"


I was invited to cater a two-brisket BSU vs. Hawaii tailgate, but my wife had prior plans. Oh well, there's always the next home game.

Hey John, just wondering when you accept a gig as such do you cook it on site all night or do you prepare it in advance and heat and serve?

keep it low-n-slow " T "


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T - These gigs are just for friends and family (e.g. free practice -- they buy the meat and charcoal), so I do an overnight cook the night before and have it rested and ready at go time. In this case I thought about doing chicken on-site, but parking is at a severe premium, so unloading and loading is a major pain. Some of us don't have end zone access like you. Big Grin

Hey folks!

I myself am doing a Tailgate'r at the game today, About 80 people! Have the pork pre-cooked, will do 70-75 "fricken-chicken" thighs one site! Had a gig last weekend, 150 people, cooked 175 of the SOB's, including pork, (50+ lbs) and beans. I need to stop this catering for a bit, and start the practice cooks!!!. Oct will soon be here!

Z Wrote:Hey Joe, is that your new rig your talking about, if so please post some pics so the rest of us can take a gander.

Z and April

"Put your barbeque where your mouth is"

Joe's new pit thread.
Too much homework has left the smoker cold this weekend. I got behind after making the trip to Colorado to judge the COG Shootout in Canon City. Joe, I met Merl and Carol Whitebook, they were the KCBS Reps, really great people!!
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