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Full Version: Butt / Shoulder on the WSM
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I just picked up my first pork shoulder from Costco. I asked the Butcher for pork butt but he gave me a shoulder - strange... will that still make good pulled pork?

It's boneless so I guess I need to get some kitchen twine. Is kitchen twine the same as kite string? I already have kite string so if that's safe to use it will save a trip to the store.

I'm planning on rubbing it down with yellow mustard & then some pork rub from albertsons & giving it an 18 hour cook via the minion method.

So that's what I'm up to this afternoon beginning in a couple of hours.

Big Grin
aha! Shoulder, Butt - same thang:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://host79.ipowerweb.com/~virtualw/charts/porkcuts.pdf">http://host79.ipowerweb.com/~virtualw/c ... rkcuts.pdf</a><!-- m -->

I just slathered 'em up with a bunch of yellow mustard, some spade pork rub, & a generous helping of Mezzetta :twisted: Habanero :twisted: hot sauce. I suppose Bam Kicked up or tony roma's original will be used as the sandwich sauce.

2 butts (lol), 13.8# / 2

I'll let 'em sit in the fridge for a couple more hours.

Hopefully the rain won't ruin my parade...

[Image: 10100609.jpg]

[Image: yhst-30740269409268_1859_355014]

[Image: emerilbbqk.jpg]

2 fist sized chunks of hickory & 3 fistfulls of maple chips mixed in with the full ring of charcoal

5:51 PM
Outside Temperature 89 F

Meat: 45
Smoker: 175
Vent 1: 100%
Vent 2: 100%
Vent 3: 100%

(top vent always 100% open)
6:30 PM
Meat: 67
Smoker: 220
Adjusted vents:
1, 2, 3: 25%

Temperature dropped 4 degrees to 216 within 8 minutes so I opened up all 3 vents to 33%.

7:15 PM
Meat: 100
Smoker: 220
Vents 1, 2, 3: 33% open

7:45 PM
Meat: 118
Smoker: 224

Closed vents to between 25 & 33% open

8:15 PM
Meat: 130
Smoker: 222

Vents (unchanged) 1, 2, 3: between 25 & 33% open
9:00 PM

Meat: 142
Smoker: 223

Vents (unchanged) 1, 2, 3: between 25 & 33% open
9:30 PM
Meat: 147
Smoker: 222
Vents (unchanged) 1, 2, 3: between 25 & 33% open
10:00 PM
Outside temperature: 74

Meat: 150
Smoker: 219
Vents (unchanged) 1, 2, 3: between 25 & 33% open
10:30 PM
Meat: 153
Smoker: 218
Vents (unchanged) 1, 2, 3: between 25 & 33% open
10:45 PM
Just added hot water to the water pan but really didn’t need to, added 3 more chunks of hickory & three handfuls of apple-wood chips.

Smoker temperature dropped to 204.

I opened the bottom vents to 33% open, need to stabilize before bed
11:00 PM
Meat: 153
Smoker: 211
Vents 1, 2, 3: 33% open
11:30 PM
Meat: 154
Smoker: 215
Vents 1, 2, 3: 33% open
12:00 AM
Meat: 155
Smoker: 216
Vents 1, 2, 3: 33% open
6:24 AM
Meat: 163
Smoker: 205
6:37 AM
Outside temperature: 61 F

Stirred coals to let ashes fall through – refilled dry water pan with hot tap water & threw in a handfull of apple-wood chips.

Meat: 163
Smoker: 235

I was going to turn the meat but OMG!!! That stuff looks like the ones in the pictures!!
7:05 AM
Opened the vents to 66% open

Meat: 165
Smoker: 230
7:15 AM
Opened the vents to 100% open
7:30 AM
Meat: 169
Smoker: 240
8:00 AM
Meat: 176
Smoker: 240
8:30 AM
Meat: 181
Smoker: 236
8:45 AM
Stirred the coals, flipped the meat over & pulled off a piece of “barkâ€
Have you moved your temp probe around at all? Or checked int. temp in 2-3 spots? Your int. temps are riseing real fast, I think you may be in a fat pocket with your probe? IMO

I just moved it following the 8:45 note so I could flip them.

I have the probe in the smaller shoulder which is on the top grate, haven't probed the bottom yet...

OK, the bottom (larger) is @ 175 according to my fork thermometer but it only goes in around 3" due to length of tines. This stuff sure is tender.

I suppose I can always pull the top one off & rest (eat) it while the bigger one finishes.
Well, the second one came up to 190 about an hour and a half after the first. This is my first pulled pork so I didn't know what to expect. It turned out sooooo moist, had to be careful when pulling it in order to not make it turn into mush (good tasting BBQ mush!) and make an effort to keep it in strings. The smoke ring was between .5 & .75" thick. Tony Roma's original sauce & the habenero sauce mixed was my favorite for the sandwiches, nice & spicy. I don't think I used enough rub but everything turned out good.

This makes good sandwiches, I bet it'd be good with crock pot styled potatoes & carrots etc. I guess you can use it in tacos & enchiladas - what else does everyone do with it? I haven't weighed the final product yet but it looks like I'll have this around for a couple of weeks (at least) or a month.

TIA & I hope the thread is useful to someone.
Thanks for sharing your experiences with the cook.
The leftovers are really good for a lot of things. My wife makes some really good enchiladas with leftover butt. It also works great for nachos, and is really good in an omelet.

Costco butts are boneless and two to a pack. They're more expensive than Wal-Mart's bone-in butts. I prefer the bone-in, but either is fine.
Thanks guys, no problem - I was documenting it for future reference anyway. The longest cook I've done before this was 3 hours (turkey breast & brats).

I haven't eaten anything but pork sandwiches since yesterday LOL. I've been using Bam Sweet & Easy molassas & the habanero sauce & they taste great!

Next time I'll do 4 or 6 instead of just two - I gave away 2 pounds & only have 3.25# left. For this long of a cook I think I should do enough to last a month or two.

I'll try an omlet with it tomorrow - that sounds great. I'm thinking of trying a pot roast on it for a slightly tougher/stringier texture for enchiladas but I'm sure this is hard to beat in that area too.

Next time I'll have to try pulled chicken.

yum yum... Tongue
I've got 4 going on the WSM right now, with 10 more to go and about 30-40 chicken quarters - all before 11am Weds. morning...company picnic.
SmokinJoe Wrote:I've got 4 going on the WSM right now, with 10 more to go and about 30-40 chicken quarters - all before 11am Weds. morning...company picnic.

Nice! Let me know where! :lol:

How were my temps - in line or would you recommend any changes?

It turned out soooo good I don't want to eat anything else! I may throw on a pork (edit - POT) roast with the next batch to compare the beef to the pork.

Next time I'll try bone-in from walmart instead so I don't have to tie it down.

Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
Tongue yum Tongue
Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue


Holy cow (or pig) Joe! You are a cookin' mad man. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have some help. Smile


In the interest of trying to help, here is the play-by-play (almost) of my most recent butt cook the weekend before last.
[list][*]11:00 PM - Trimmed, slathered and seasoned two butts (about 6 & 7 lbs trimmed). I then refrigerated them in 2-gallon zip bags.
[*]4:00 AM - Started the WSM using the Minion Method.
[*]4:20 AM - Added three chunks of cherry wood and a packet containing 1/2 cup each of BBQr's Delight hickory and Jack Daniels pellets.
[*]4:50 AM - Injected both butts with 1/2 oz/lb of my injection. Tip: Leave the butts in the bags and inject right through them. This keeps the mess to a minimum.
[*]5:00 AM - Applied more rub and put them on.
[*]5:30 AM - Top grate was at 230*, so I went to bed. All bottom vents were at 50%.
[*]10:00 AM - Woke up. The top grate was at 260*, I turned and basted each butt and swapped each to the opposite grate. I also stoked the coals.
[*]10:15 AM - Moved the thermometer from the top grate to the small butt (top rack). As you can see, it's at 165* internal after five hours.
[*]11:00 AM - The middle-section temp has settled back to a nice 250* -- exactly where I want it. All bottom vents are wide open.
[*]Noon - Basted the butts. The middle-section temp is humming along at exactly 250*. The internal temp of the smaller (top) butt is 179* and the larger one is at 168*.
[*]1:00 PM - The small (top) butt is at 195* internal (after 8 hours). I basted it, wrapped it in plastic and two layers of HD foil, and put it a cooler wrapped in two old towels. The larger (bottom) butt is at 181* internal so I left it where it is.
[*]2:30 PM - The second butt reached 195* internal (after 9 1/2 hours), so I gave it the same spritz/plastic/foil/cooler treatment as the first. All that's left is the pullin' and eatin'.
[*]4:30 PM - After a 3 1/2 hour rest, I pulled the first butt. The flavor is great with a nice smoke ring and lots of flavorful bark. I zip-bagged this one and have it chilling for my friends at work on Monday. I'll pull the big boy at about 5:30 for dinner.
[*]5:30 PM - I pulled butt number two and it was identical to the first. We'll call this cook a success.[/list:u]Cheers,

Do you sauce the whole thing or let everyone do their own? I'm thinking I may sauce the entire batch with the normal sauce & then spicin' up my own w/ the hobbie (habenero) sauce.

Also, I notice your cook took ~12 hours whereas mine took 18.5 & 20... is there a noticable difference? I can't believe how tender they were. They came in a 13.8# bag & I didn't need to trim anything.
SmokinJoe Wrote:I've got 4 going on the WSM right now, with 10 more to go and about 30-40 chicken quarters - all before 11am Weds. morning...company picnic.

Joe! you need a FE-100! Just a thought, please don't tell your wife I said that!! :lol:

See ya soon



Clinton - I dust it very lightly with rub after pulling and toss in a little sauce. I had a slight temp spike early on (260* when I woke up) that probably sped things along a little more than I would have liked.

Clinton Wrote:It turned out soooo good I don't want to eat anything else! I may throw on a pork (edit - POT) roast with the next batch to compare the beef to the pork.

Smoked chuck roast turns out great. I sometimes just use a taco seasoning packet for the rub & shred the roast for tacos.
I do cook the chuck roast a bit different than pork butt though. I foil the chuck when it reaches ~165º & take it to a finishing temp of 200-205º. Any temp lower than that & the chuck roast doesn't pull very easily.
I never foil a butt unless I absolutely have to in order to get it done in time.
Cooking 2 butts on my WSM usually takes about 16-17 hours. Cooking in the 240-250º range will speed up the cook & I don't think it hurts the results since butts have so much internal fat.
still good, I assume Smile
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