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Full Version: any bbq caterers out there???
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Hey ya'll,
I stumbled on this website today in looking for a caterer for my wedding. I'm getting married at the end of August with a reception in Lindon, UT and we had talked about having someone there to bbq up some good stuff for our guests. I'm just wondering if there is anything out there available or if you all know of any resources? Please let me know, feel free to email me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:kallikeisel@gmail.com">kallikeisel@gmail.com</a><!-- e -->
Hi, Kalli!

Congrats on the wedding. Your man's a lucky guy if you're looking for BBQ for the reception! 8)

A few suggestions...

If you want two meats, and are looking to keep costs down, you should consider chicken and pulled pork/pork butt. Ribs and brisket will tend to get expensive with that many people.

2-3 sides would be okay. Stuff like beans, potato salad, slaw, or even a vegetable medley or smoked cabbage.

Depending on the caterer and a few other factors, you should be looking at anywhere from $7.50-12.50 per plate. Calculated guess on my part, though...not from much real experience. I've done it, but not for more than 60-70.

Come on out to the fundraiser this Saturday at the Sam's Club in Murray from Noon to 6pm. There will be samples and folks there that you can ask about it.
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