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Full Version: Beef Ribs
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Anyone know a good place to buy racks of beef ribs?

I've tried the usual places like Wally World, Costco and a couple of meat suppliers without much luck.

Any help gratefully accepted.


Albertsons here in sugarhouse always seems to have beef ribs in stock. Sometimes there a little skimpy with the meat on the bones, but I just looked at some sunday that were pretty meaty.

I've rarelly seen them at costco...

About a year ago I got some beef ribs from Albertsons, and they were really good. Since then, unfortunately every time I see them almost all the meat has been cut out--many places even go so far as to make little windows between the ribs! Haven't bought any since.

In Harmons Monday saw some nice looking beef ribs, cheap too.
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Thanks for the info. I'll check them both out.

Harmons at the Brickyard had some good looking ribs. Bought a bunch to vacuum pack and freeze. Got some nice pork spares too.

Thanks for the tip, T. Smile

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