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Full Version: Cornish Hens
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Now that there are *finally* no more turkey leftovers in the fridge ( Let's not mention the garage freezer ) you'd think I'd post a non-poultry recipe. Well, my seafood quiche isn't appropriate here, so hens it is. Much smaller than turkeys and a lot easier to handle!

Pretty simple. Thaw the desired number of Cornish game hens. Rinse thoroughly, dry off a bit. Lightly salt the inside cavity. Stuff each hen with a chunk of lime, a clove or two of garlic (unpeeled is okay) and a small handful of fresh cilantro. Don't overstuff, easy to do with such small birds, leave some breathing room in there.

Brush outsides with olive oil, sprinkle some chili powder on if desired. Smoke for about 2 - 2.5 hours or so at 225 - 250. Usually I don't smoke these as the main attraction, so to speak, but stick a few in vacant spaces amongst the ribs or butts or whatever. When done, I'll toss the stuffing out, cut the birds in half, remove the backbone and stack on a platter for serving. Or nibble on those little legs while fussing over the rest of the meat. Tasty.

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