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Full Version: Changes to the board!
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As you may have noticed there have been a few change around here!

If your Avatar, email, password etc have changed, I apologize most profusely.

I will endeavor to upload all the old Avatars over the next day or so, if you put one up please make them 120px and less than 14kb.

I haven't worked through all the internal links and functions yet, it may take a day or two to get the hang of things, we will try and keep o to of things from this point on.

All guests are able to read the forums, but not post threads, replies to threads, polls etc. If you would like those functions too, then feel free to register.

There may be broken links from the old forum.

There may be some attachments that are no longer attached, if you can bring them to my attention in a PM or email I may be able to do something about them.
Why the Pacific Rails Credit Union logo? Is that a pay off for the cook-off sponsorship?
Yes it should have been up since the end of last year, but we had a database error that blew away the banner adverts, they are now up and running.

Thanks to those that have sponsored the Utah BBQ Organization in the past and those that continue to do so!

Standard Wood
Big Red's BBQ Smokers
Pacific Rails Credit Union
Lucky Planet
SoEzzy Web Designs
Q4U Restaurant
Wasatch Wing and Clay
Yo, I want to take this time to give a big thank you very much to Cris, Soezzy for the work that he has been doing for months behind the scene updating and transferring information from our old board to the present one. For those of you that know how much work is involved, especially when your not getting paid to do it. Cris like the rest of us managing members devote our time for the love of BBQ and the organization. The managing members meet every second Tuesday of the month here at the restaurant. We meet at 6 pm and go till 9 pm or later, or however long it takes to talk over whats at hand. We have one managing member that makes the long drive from Bringham City, and a new board member Jessie Johnson that is making the trip from Layton. The meeting is open for the first hour as always, so if you would like to attend and voice your opinion please feel free to do so. The Utah BBQ Organization has a face book page, and we would like for you to support it as well. I believe it is still under the old name The Utah BBQ Association. Just wanted to give Cris props for his and others hard work for the love of BBQ. Thanks once again for you continued support guys, and girls.
Ditto on all of the props Cris! This is a much nicer looking board and appears to have better features. Nice job...
Thanks for all your hard work Chris.
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