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Full Version: Making Bacon
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Doug was coming up from St George last week, and happened to stop in Payson and pick up some pork bellies.

He and I both had some "Hi Mountain" Buckboard Bacon cure, so we got together to start the cure this week.

There was quite a lot of prep, to get them done and into the fridge, the pork bellies had been skinned and they were rubbed down with copious amounts of the "Hi Mountain cure", we plan on smoking then low and slow Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Doug is thinking of using some Apple wood and fresh cracked black pepper on his sides, and I'm going with Apple on some and possibly Maple on the other!


Those look like some pretty meaty bellies there, should make some awesome bacon! Did you pick them up at Garys?
Yup that was where Doug got them, I apologize for not remembering they were from Gary's, and there are 4 really meaty sides, and 2 still good but skinnier sides, we have 3 sides each, coming in about 22lbs each.

Word of Warning, Pork prices are going up, just in time for the spring and summer BBQ season, those that BBQ year round should load the freezer now, if you want to get a step ahead of the pack! Wink
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