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Full Version: New baby!
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Yo, just got a picture from Nick and Lindsey of Big Hole BBQ Competition Team in Idaho, and at this time would like to welcome Hendrix Rizer Jacob. Good job Lindsey, and we'll look forward to meeting the little pit man soon. Nick, stop ginning!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!1
Congrats on the little one!
Hooray for new baby's! My youngest just turned a year, and the middle one just turned three - in the same week! Hard to remember when they just helpless little babies!
Congrats Nick and Lindsey. Looking forward to seeing the little one.

Quoting Mr. Sampson, "no pics, didn't happen".
Woohoo! TX everyone! I can't wait to get the season started and start teaching our new team member on how to not take 1st. Ill post some pics once I get them on my computer.
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