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Full Version: Aging Brisket
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Quote "This year he's taken 4 1st place brisket wins. He's been using Angus brisket in the 15# weight range aged 40-50 days in Cry-O-Vac."

How is this done?
I'm no meat expert but I thought about 3 weeks postmortem is when it (beef) gets it's best natural tenderization. Maybe somebody letting it rest longer trims off some of the microbial growth before prep and cook?
I once found about half of a McRib sammich under my car seat. I believe it had been there "dry" aging for about 45 days. After warming it up in the sun on my dashboard for the rest of the afternoon it was better than ever!Shy

This may answer your question.

Hey Sampson that's just plain wrong! And disgusting! Thanks Phred for that link, interesting idea there.
Thanks Fphfphedd, I think that's what they were doing. Kind of threw me off at the end when someone mentioned buying brisket for 99 cents a pound....then I noticed this was posted in 2004 B.O.
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