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Full Version: Pork Shoulder at Elevation
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saw some posts about temperature at altitude - ok, so the 300 for shoulder was obviously shenanigans, but there were a few folks confirming 204. Is that the real deal?

If so, not sure how that works? I get the idea that you have to boil longer, since at higher altitudes water boils at a lower temp. But why would you need to Q to a higher temp?

Thanks in advance for the input. Should be a great weekend - gonna Q a shoulder, make a compost bin (2x4x4) and plant a herb garden. Let me know if your in the Provo Canyon neighbor hood off 800 N - Sweetie and I can't eat 8 lbs of Q by ourselves.


Personally I only go to 192-195... but then again, I've never done worth a crap in a comp on pork.
Not sure if you mean meat temperature or pit temperature so here is my take on both.

If cooking to slice, I take butts to 180 - 185°, for pulling I take it to 195°+, depending on how high it carries over, it has hit as high as 204 - 205° at times.

But for cooking you can cook any where your pit likes to cruise, some pits like 215 - 225°, some like it 25° hotter, some like to rock and roll at 300°, cook in the sweet spot and you don't need to be fighting the pit all the time, try and cook where you think it aught to cook and it's not the sweet spot, you can fight it all day or all night!
Thanks guys - I was talking about the finished temp, so it seems like its the same here at elevation as it is at MN lake level.

The Kamado cruises along at 250, got the pork to 195 and rested for an hour wrapped in foil in a beer cooler. Was about right.

Used left overs for breakfast...pulled pork over red beans, topped with coddled eggs. Pretty good :-)
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OK it's usually Sampsons line, but now I'm hungry just thinking about that breakfast!Wink
(05-22-2011 11:32 AM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]OK it's usually Sampsons line, but now I'm hungry just thinking about that breakfast!Wink

Isn't there a rule somewhere in the by-laws that says the new guys must invite everyone named "Chris" over for breakfast within the first month of registering on the sight? Rolleyes
I think you might be right there Chris, maybe lunch and dinner too? Wink
Now that we got the cooking/ smoking temp HOW LONG DO WE SMOKE THE PORK DO PER POUND? Time?
It will usually take 1.5 hours per pound depending upon what temp you're cooking at.

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