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Full Version: Looking for a team in Southern Utah
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Hi All,

I would like to do some competition BBQ on a team. I live in Southern Utah near Bryce Canyon.


So North Logan is prolly not far enough south? Wink I would think there would be someone maybe like you wanting to start up in that area...
There are a number of teams out of Cedar City and St George, 114 miles to Cedar City or 161 to Kearns Salt Lake City, neither are very near to you!

Hopefully someone will jump in who is really closer to you!

Too bad you are not a little closer to me here in Cedar. If you get a chance to head a little ways south this summer stop in and talk to a guy named Stan, (Fatty's Barbecue). He sets up a pit at Todd's Junction and he may be able to give you some names or at least a little guidance.

Hey, that sounds great, I will stop by Fatty's and ask him! I am about 75 miles from Cedar btw and I get down that way from time to time. Really, any place that is populated is at least 50 miles from where I am at and so I am used to traveling.
Sounds good, let me know next time you are down this way and we'll see what's cookin'.
Hi TS and all,

I will see about getting down to Cedar City here in the next week and see if tsawyer148 would like to meet up and talk Q!

I wonder if there is anywhere in the US that has less BBQ than Southern Utah? I would really like to get with some folks and just do some Q. I have my rig and am willing to do some traveling if necessary.

I think my wife and I will travel to Heber City in June just to see what a competition is like.

There is a saying in the book writing biz that goes, "publish or perish" so perhaps our saying should be "BBQ or perish!"...grin.

See ya,

I think it might be "BBQ or starve"! Wink
Hey Michael,

Just let me know when you are going to be down this way and we'll meet up, be happy to talk shop with ya!

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