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Full Version: Freeway Mazda BBQ Competition Video
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Here's the link to the Freeway Mazada BBQ video: http://www.utahbbq.org/videos/FreewayMazda.wmv . Just click on the link and it should start playing after a short time. If you have a slower internet connection, you might want to "right click" the link and download the file to your hard drive (save target as) for later viewing as it will take a long time to start playing (it's a large file).

Many thanks to Gary Grant for running the camera during the interviews. He did a fine job.


Thanks Randy and Gary, looks fun and some fine & wise words from all the competitors!
Thanks for the videos, I really enjoy seeing them. Thanks Randy and Gary it looked great.
You are very welcome.
Yo, thanks Randy for all of your hard work, and Gary assisting you as well. This year really a neat addition to the association to have a cat with your expertise a member of the association. Thanks again for all you do man. I really enjoy you as a person as well bro.
Thanks T. Glad to help. Should have the Huntsville vid up soon, maybe by tomorrow. Both Pam and I really enjoy yours and Becky's company also. Heck, the whole group of folks associated with the Utah BBQ Org. have been great. Looking forward to the future.
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