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Full Version: BBQ 101 Class Job Well Done
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I want to thank the managing members of the UBBQA for a great BBQ 101 class on Saturday. I've been heavy into Qu'ing for the last five years or so and thought I knew alot until now. The items they covered has helped a ton in my prepping, flavoring and cooking meats; not only did they teach it but demonstrating as well. They got there much earlier before the class started, put meats on the cooker then taught prepping, seasoning, tips, tricks, etc. and ---- "through the magic of television" pulled out the completed products so we could see and taste the end products. Dan Kirby, representing Bullfrog Spas had several Traegers there cooking some of the meats as well.

T covered in detail all about knives, prepping, seasoning, and cooking (temps, timing etc.) chicken and ribs , Carla was all about rubs, Jesse all about sauces, and Dan all about Traegers; everyone did a GREAT job while Chris Edmunds and Brian Winther, worked behind the scenes with the cookers (I hope I didn't miss anyone).

This was a well thought-out structured class and whether you are a novice or a pro that I feel that everyone could benefit.

These folks took time out of their personal lives to do this class (and to no benefit to any of them); I can't thank them enough for all the time and effort they put in to support BBQ in Utah.

Very Sincerely,
Thanks Lyle for the kind and much appreciated words. We have had a lot of positive feed back from our first class, including encouragement from the mayor, who attended and this was a great reason why we had the second class that you attended. Even though we are not covering competition cooking, what we do cover are things that we feel will up your Q'ing skills at home even on the most common gas grill. Folks like the 40 or so others that attended before you, continue to thank and appreciate our efforts. This makes it worth it. We have a great group of willing and caring people on the board, that share the same goal and that is to share, teach and help Utah BBQ grow. We will be working on a new class in the future, maybe the first of next season, that I know you and others will like for sure. Once again, thanks to the Managing members, Bull Frog Spas, Standard Wood and to all of those that support the organization. The Utah BBQ Organization welcomes you and your new team to the competition trail.
sign me up for the next one schedule permitting. Sounds like a great time.
And Yo T keep posting those late night cooks as I want to come ride along!
(07-22-2011 06:36 AM)elkski Wrote: [ -> ]sign me up for the next one schedule permitting. Sounds like a great time.
And Yo T keep posting those late night cooks as I want to come ride along!

I would definately be interested in the BBQ101 Class. Please notify me when you decide to have the next class. I'm sure there will be others from Tooele County who would want to attend also.
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