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Full Version: Moon Dog BBQ - Another Winner
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I finally got the opportunity to try BBQ at Moon Dog Cafe in Layton, Utah. Man, it was great! We arrived for lunch and discovered that to get a sample of all their meats required being there for dinner. However, the manager, Jeremiah fixed us up with a sample of everything they had ready which consisted of brisket, pulled (or chopped) pork, sausage, beans, and slaw. I have to say, it was as good as any I've tasted to date. Sauce, one sweet and one spicy, and beans were excellent too. Can't wait to go back and try their ribs and chicken. Jeremiah took us out back to show us that they were cooking on the smoker and invited us to come back to taste them. Moon Dog's does some excellent BBQ. I highly recommend you give it a try. It's located on Hill Field Road (Layton Mall exit off I-15) just West of the freeway on the North side of the road (close to Savers and across the street from WalMart).
Thanks for the review Randy.

I don't get out that way all that often, but it sounds good enough to add to the list of 'must do's' sometime, and drop off on a trip North.

Do you know when they are open by any chance?

Here's the hours:
Mon-Sat 6 am - 9 pm
Sun 6 am - 2 pm
Accepts Credit Cards:Yes

I just read some of the reviews on the Yelp sight and they were really harsh initially. I guess they have improved from Apr-May until now as what I experienced was excellent BBQ and service. Now, I do have to admit that what we had was non-standard for lunch as Jeremiah fixed a sampler dinner that was "not on the lunch menu". I'll have to get in there for dinner to round out my experience.

Moon Dog's is vending @ Smoke on the Hill Sept 30th-Oct 1st!
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