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Full Version: Saturday 12th June Cabela's Lehi
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We need to organize some judges for the contest at the Cabela's, Lehi venue.

We need to match the Pro division numbers, and then to have a few extra's that will judge the Backyard and the Kids Que sections.

Sign up please, there will be some who take the class on the 9th who want to judge, but we'll still need a few more experienced judges to help guide the newbies!
I will plan on Judging on Saturday:

Mark Antry CBJ
KCBS # 30455
1852 Mueller Park Rd
Bountiful, UT 84010
801-414-4866 Mobile

Also, I know Eric Birch who is taking the CBJ Class on Wednesday is planning on Judging Saturday.
Thanks Mark!


Would you like me to try and get some help from folks here? They wouldn't be certified and there is zero judging experience, but I can probably round up a couple people to help out.

Let me know.
Thanks Sean, I'm trying for all CBJ's for this one, as it's right after the class and we should have a few regulars to fill in numbers wise so that it's not all first timers.
My wife an I are debating wither judging or entering the Backyard competition. Will keep you updated...
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