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Full Version: Huntsville Smokin' Valley BBQ Challenge
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Smokin' Vallley BBQ Challenge
September 14th and 15th
Huntsville Utah

Greg Farley has submitted the date to KCBS and it will be on the agenda for approval when the committe meets in March; they see no problem with the date at this time.

More info to follow!!

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at earlld@gmail.com

Thanks for your support,

Lyle Earl
do a person have to be a Member of UBO or KCBS To compete?
Nope! Come on out! This is a great one to go to. Greg and Lyle put on a first class event!
It's official, Greg sent me an e-mail tonight and said the event has been posted on the KCBS website and sent a confirmation e-mail!! Put it on your calendar, more information to follow!!

Here it is!!

09/15/12 Smokin' Valley BBQ Challenge Huntsville, UT
Contact: Greg Farley Phone: 801-745-2745. greg@huntsvillebbq.com

Does it have Back Yard divition ?
(02-17-2012 02:16 AM)copytech0 Wrote: [ -> ]Does it have Back Yard divition ?

We haven't gotten that far yet, great idea. I'll discuss it with Greg and get back to you. As soon as decisions are made, I'll post it here.

We are excited about this one again. It was a blast last year in a very nice and relaxing setting. Thanks for doing this again Lyle and Greg. This one is definitely on our calender.

Do we have any more info yet?
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