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Full Version: Myron Mixon Brisket Recipe A Winner - Pic's Included
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Hey guys,
I just finished devouring some brisket cooked using Myron's recipe out of his book, Smokin' with Myron. It's different than I'm used to...he cooks hot and fast. But I have to say, it worked well for me. Excellent brisket. Total cook time, including a several hour blanket wrap, was 7 hours. The pictures tell the story.
looking good
That looks great Randy, it was great too meet you the other day.
Looks fantastic! Nice smoke ring! You've got some awesome skills...
A month or so ago someone asked a question about this method and the first response came from Myron. In it he says to cook the meat without the pan on the first step. I went back in his book and there he has it the way you did it, guess he changed. Here's the link:
Thanks guys. Credit goes to Myron, I just followed the recipe.

Yes, good to meet you also. I ordered the Wicked BBQ book from Amazon too. Thanks for the tip. I plan to try the BBQ Delight pellets soon and will let you know if I get a difference in smoke flavor. Thanks again for that tip also.

That looks really good Randy, now I'm really hungry for some brisket!
Good job Randy.
Thanks all.
Looks great good job!
Thanks HDBBQ!
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