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Full Version: Brisket technique
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A little advice needed.

I am smoking brisket tonight, but have a problem. I either have to stay up all night. Or, has anyone ever smoked for 4-5 hours then finished in the oven in the house. Does this work ok?

What size brisket you have?
Sure, probably many of the guys here on the board have done that at one time or another. The goal is to have delicious tasting brisket.
I've done it with butts as well, no biggy man!
Thanks all for your replies.
They are about 8 lbs. each. The costco briskets.
I think if I get about 5 hours of smoke, then overnight in the oven (about six to seven hours).

Should I foil them in the oven?

Then maybe a few more hours on the smoker (un-foiled) to give the bark time to crust?

Thanks again,
Yes, foil is your friend. You will find most folks foil by temp, that is when the internal temp reaches around 160 degrees. However, since you might not be quite to that temp, wrap and stick it in the oven.
I would just like to say thanks to you all for your help. The brisket was a success and nearly fell apart. I smoked for 5 hours then wrapped and oven cooked another 5 hours. Temp was 206 at 4:30 this morning. Put the oven on low, then took to serve at 2:00 p.m. There were about 30 people and not a bit of brisket was left for later....a good sign.
Thanks again all.

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