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Full Version: Pork Butts at Smiths 1.89$/lb
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Well I stopped by a smiths and picked up some 7# cryo vac individual pork butts... They are Kroger select steak ready bone in pork butt. Not really any fat cap they were 1.89$ /lb.card price . those are the largest two they had some other were as small as 4#
So I like to cook 4 on my 18" WSM.. going to try out the new Igue 110's temp controller tonight.. Stopped at another smiths and they had one dual cryo pack 2 10# 1.89$/lb card price. but they have the normal fat cap on them..
the smaller ones will end up being quite a bit less per # after Icut the fat caps off.
Just wondering if anyone has tried cooking these Kroger steak ready bone in pork butts.
I picked up 2 cases at Sam's yesterday for $1.39 per pound...
Two cases?? is that like 32 butts?
Five twin packs per case (10 - 8 pound butts per case total).
But you only get that price if you buy the whole case... They forgot to tell you that part.. LOL
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