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Full Version: Cleaning smoker
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Needing to clean my smoker, looking for a good product to clean the exterior - black cast iron...any suggestionsHuh
Your smoker was casted from cast iron?
(05-21-2012 10:06 PM)Larry Jacobs Wrote: [ -> ]Your smoker was casted from cast iron?

Not quite sure, what do you use to wipe and clean the outside? After having the smoker a a couple of months and completing a few long cooks, I've got some grease and splatter runs that look horrible. I'd like to find a product that won't ruin the finish, but does a good job. Remember Larry I'm a rookie...Undecided
Yo, I have been using Simply Green for years both on my commercial smokers and my recreational smokers. It is a good all-purpose cleaner and environmentally safe. I have also used a cleaner from the dollar stores called Aw some that does a good job as well. Hope this helps?
Thanks T, I just happen to have that Aw some cleaner at home. Thanks again for the tip. Smile
if you dont want to go to the car wash, the harbor freight power washer is not to bad for the price. got decent pressure, cleans decks real nice to.
T- which Simple Green do you use...?
Yes simple green works well... citrol works good as well..
I think this might be better then using the industrial stuff from Sams... It takes the paint off!

TSP cleans the grease off of a grill tables and sides fairly well.... using a scrubbie and lots of elbow grease... gave my my weber gaser its yearly bath today. I just scrape the insides with a putty knife and the grates go in the sink for about 30 min scrape each side and then crisco and burn it all in...
cleaned my WSM's today and ran a load of coals through them...
On a daily basis we use dish soap and a quat sanitizer. We fill buckets of it and keep it near the smoker to clean as we go. deep cleans find us at the car wash...
I spent 2 hours Sunday night at the car wash cleaning my pit... Took all the grates & tuning plates out and got her super clean, then oiled her back up!

Should be ready for Craig now!
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