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Full Version: Kingsford Original 2x15# bags for 5.47$
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Just wanting to make sure this original is any good? Yes that is 30# for 5.47$ it says the same thing as the bags nearby that are 18# for 8$.
It is not the competition. I picked up 90# but just wanted to ask if this will be just as good or better than the competition stuff... I heard they had brought back the original???
Walmart is having a sale.
by the way costco has the 2 18# of comp kingsford for like 14$ after 5$ rebate.
Sam's 40# for $16.95
It must be a pallet of loss leader at each store. I went back for more after T told me it will Q. Pallet was half gone in 2 hours. They did not have it at mini wally. So I went back to 11400 store. Loaded up a plant cart and at checkout said 13.97. Saw I got the 2x13.6# so had to unload and get from the one pallet of 2x15# 5.48$ . And it is right next to 18# bags for 8.48$ this price us less than 400$/ton
We bought some of that sale charcoal, hard a hard time getting up to temp?
(05-22-2012 07:02 PM)MEAT MAN Wrote: [ -> ]We bought some of that sale charcoal, hard a hard time getting up to temp?
Dont tell me that. Does kingsfort put out different qualities?
I use the regular Kingsford all the time, and I've never had any issues with it. I always get the temps I want, it starts up fast, I guess my only issue is how long it lasts. However, that varies depending on the temperature outside.
I had a hard time getting it to light in the rain the other day.... course I could have covered it up, might have helped.
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