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Full Version: Did anyone know about this place?
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Well that article goes to say why we didn't know it was there
Yea They were just a mile or 2 away from me. Never went there but always wanted to try it out.
I drive bye here every day for work, there were people there for lunch but none for dinner. Now the people of bountiful will head to hwy 89 where someone has set up in the slim olsen parking lot. He's selling Q out of a stream line trailer. There is a few people there at lunch but not many, he's been there for about a month.
LOL, I have seen the guy with the trailer. I havent got the guts to stop and try it yet
When you see a Q-joint stop! It might be just okay but it might be the best you have ever had. How many people pass by us just because we are in the back of an office?
When we moved to Utah 18 yrs ago from Texas it was a BBQ desert... save Q4U, Sugarhouse, Pats, and morleys.... now look at the choices.
No wonder they went under. BBQ in a place that would be suited for a wedding reception center (or funeral home). Sounds like the food wasn't all that good either. Noticed the lady's first name sounded Polynesian. From past experience I can tell you they may have a passion for food but as a general rule, there is also a lack of business savvy.
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