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Full Version: Rib Shack
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Tried a new BBQ place in south ogden the other day Called the Rib Shack. Had the brisket sandwich and a 1/4 rack of baby backs.
You could tell the meat was on the warmer for a while even though it was only 12:30. I overheard another customer say the meat is cooked off site and brought in.
However it was worth the price 6$ lunch combo included your choice of meat (Brisket, 1/4 rack baby backs, or pulled pork). Or a sandwich (brisket, pork or chicken) plus fries and a drink. You can also ( Shack Size) your combo and add another meat for 3$.
The meat was lacking Smoke the ribs were not very meaty and the brisket was a little overdone but still very edible. Not the best BBQ I have ever ate but well worth the price.

I will for sure go back and recomend it for lunch.
Thanks for posting.
Right on thanks for the review, I'll have give it a try when I'm out that way.
The food was GREAT! The ribs were soooo moist that you just stuck the ribs in your mouth and pull out the bone. I asked the owner if the ribs are made off site and he said the ribs are all done at the restaurant starting at 3am.

It's nice to have an affordable lunch that can be Shack Sized with more meat if I want.

Know have anther place to add to my favorite list on where I like to eat.

If anybody says the ribs are dry really. Really needs to check their taste buds.

No pit means not real... I have been going to try it a few times but havn't...

I check it out and update ya'll!
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