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Full Version: Man BBQ KSL
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So I drive from Sandy to centerville yesterday in my 9mpg truck to pick up a weber summit Nat gas grill that was just listed. When I got there the lady told me she should communicate more with her hubby as he had sold it to his brother...
KSL works sometimes..
OK so now we know what you want for Fathers day... how do we tell your kids? Wink
I actually think this grill is for a U game or Nascar party... not what I want... I wanted to upgrade my weber daily cooker.. Nat gas and some gal had this great deal on a hardly used summit 620 smoke box and rotisserie for 600$
I have found the prettier the grill the worse they cook. I joined a nation wide pro-grill forum once but dropped out when the only thing people would post was how many thousands they spent in their set up but not a one of them knew how to cook a good meal.
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